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I’m a Senior Data Engineer/Data-Devops at OnGres. Since early years in my professional career, Databases and Open Source both had a considerable predominance at work, and eventually turned into my specialization over other IT technologies and areas. Like any other IT components, Open Source Databases, are not isolated from the inherent and forced evolution of the technology stacks and, as a DB professional, my main concern was to not split the database component from the whole architecture as it used to be an odd piece due to its complexity. That is, mostly, the reason for my profile being mutated during the last years and positions, converging into a Database Reliability Engineer with consistent knowledge of architecture and infrastructure - emphatically IaaC (Infra as a Code), manipulating databases as any other component through CD/CI, and following the most modern HA concepts. Not mentioned, at least directly, I managed to support and implement full architectures on bare metal premises and major cloud providers (being OnGres, Google Cloud partner), both in virtualized environments as dedicated hosting.

Even though relational databases are frequently mentioned here (MySQL and Postgres, among others), I do not subscribe to these exclusively, as nowadays all different engines (KV, FTS, analytics/columnar store) are integrated in complex stacks and need to synergy efficiently in the data workflow.

Part of this mutation, I’m currently walking through Data Engineering role, integrating components and setting up Data Lakes for stream analytics and experiencing with different engines and models. I also co-founded CanalDBA, with the intention of agglomerating specialists and advocating Open Source Databases in Latam.


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